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The significance and competitive advantage of a positive employee experience is here to stay. This change is driven by the pace of technology and innovation, the proliferation of hybrid workplaces, and the evolution of employee values. Having an intentional approach to inclusion, interaction, and connectivity between leaders and employees is no longer a “nice to have.”


Employees want meaning in their work. And they want to work for organizations that affirm their goals and values through respect, appreciation, and a healthy work atmosphere. A great place to work is more than a fully stocked snack bar, foosball, and flexible work hours. 

Culture often seems like a big, nebulous, intangible challenge. We could talk about the many aspects of culture for days. However, culture boils down to “how we interact.” The many complexities of culture are reflected in this simple definition.


Given the demands of today’s business environment, if you're not intentional about “what’s important around here” and providing a purpose-driven and inclusive day-to-day employee experience, you won’t attract and retain the people you need…. And waiting to look at your workplace may cause you to be out of step with what’s important to your current and future employees.


A great employee experience starts with the leadership team. Today's employees expect integrity, transparency, communication, and humanity from leadership. They also expect an experience of inclusion, personal development, community, and psychological safety at work. Leaders need to be aligned, working together, and “walking the talk” to make this happen. 

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The Jay Marks Group helps you make your organization a better place to work. Our work with you focuses on three key areas:

  • A culture and employee experience of inclusion and psychological safety

  • Getting your leadership team “on the same page”

  • A defined and intentional approach to managing change and growth 


Everyone should be able to come to work without all the incivility (which is the nice way of saying b.s.) they’ve experienced for years.


Millions of people agree - over fifty million resignations from January, 2021 to March, 2022 (BLS data) , is an indication that people are tired of something and want a change at work!


The b.s. often starts at the top. I frequently see strained working relationships and leadership teams unable to manage differences effectively. This lack of alignment at the top trickles down. When silos exist and employees can't work together effectively, performance, profitability, and morale suffer. 

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Working Together
Making your organization a better place to work in order to attract and retain the people you need starts with an intentional approach to leadership, culture, employee experience, and handling change. To accomplish this we concentrate on three areas:
  • Inclusion and Psychological Safety
  • Senior Teams
  • Change and Growth

What Clients Say

“I thought I knew everything about management after 30 years of running a company. When I hired Jay to help me develop the communication and organizational skills of my managers, I never anticipated how much he would improve my own managerial skills. Most importantly, Jay taught us to think of communication as structural…managers can have as many meetings as they want, but without an organized agenda, clear purpose, and persistent follow through, much of what is discussed will be lost. Essentially, we evolved from a chaotic, semi-functional machine into a well prepared, organized, and efficiently managed company thanks to Jay.”


Robin Lowe, President; ACLA, Art Crating, and Archive Fine Art

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