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What’s important to me is making work as good a place as it can be for leaders and their teams.


A primary focus of my work is ensuring a foundation of inclusion and psychological safety. This is the starting point for a strong culture that promotes robust performance, superior problem solving and innovation, and a great employee experience. 


I work to get your leadership team and organization "on the same page.” I have successfully helped senior teams and organizations create better connectivity, alignment, and accountability. My work with you includes:

  • Developing and implementing strategies related to culture and organizational change

  • Advising executives and their teams

  • Bringing an understanding and practice of inclusion and psychological safety

  • Managing “growing pains” of growing companies

  • Redesigning work processes

  • Facilitating senior team retreats and supporting dispersed and virtual teams 

  • Supporting employee development, succession, and talent management

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Jay Marks, Principal, is a workplace strategist with expertise in organization and leadership development. He’s helped leading organizations become better places to work. He has worked as Vice President of Management Learning and Organization Development at The Capital Group, a premier global investment management firm. While there, the firm grew from 600–9,600 employees. He learned a great deal about growth and growing pains, working with dispersed teams, and integrating new leaders into a rapidly evolving culture and business organization. In addition, he's assisted industry leaders in other sectors evolve their workplace culture, manage change and growth, and improve their overall employee experience—allowing them to retain and attract top talent.


The Jay Marks Group has worked with financial services, logistics and transportation, software development, higher education, fine art services, fashion, nonprofits, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and manufacturing. We’ve worked with international teams in Asia, Europe, India, and Mexico.


If your organization aims to increase profitability, manage teams effectively, or improve the employee experience, contact us today! 

Wooden Architecture
Workplace strategist with expertise in culture change, employee experience, and getting your leaders and teams “on the same page.”
Leading Organizations
Great firms start with aligned senior teams that can express their varied perspectives, disagree, and then commit to the direction that best serves the organization. We work with you to get your teams “on the same page”.
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