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Unlike other consulting firms, the Jay Marks Group focuses on interaction and communication skills in combination with infrastructure and organizational design considerations. We consider all aspects of your organization—focusing on leadership, culture, and the employee experience as much as process, operational, and infrastructure issues. 


Every organization has different challenges and a unique story that can only be understood by us being good listeners. You won't receive "boilerplate" advice from us. Instead, we conduct an initial assessment of your organization which we review with you and then tailor a plan and services to meet your specific needs. 


Our work is driven by a simple four-step process: Analysis, a customized plan, implementation, and follow-up. Our initial assessment is a working document that helps us recommend critical areas for improvement. Then, we work alongside you to decide what works and “stays,” and what needs to change.


Our analysis process involves interviewing senior and other team members as we agree makes sense to gather various perspectives on key topics. We may use electronic surveys where applicable due to organizational size. We use standardized tools to help gather both quantitative and qualitative information.

Financial Report


We prepare and present a report based on our findings. This report is a comprehensive overview that helps you understand the steps planning and steps leading to a sustainable and measurable impact on your business results.


We work with you and your selected team members to implement agreed on recommendations.

Business Meeting
Working Together


We follow-up and offer support to sustain these efforts as agreed on.

Growing Companies

When companies grow, one of the most important considerations is operational, communication, and decision-making processes. A company that experiences 10–15% or more growth in revenue or staffing will experience significant changes to infrastructure, culture, and leadership needs and practices. Growth-oriented companies will see roles change and operational interfaces shift—which are often overlooked. One thing that differentiates the Jay Marks Group is that we look at the whole picture from both a culture and communication perspective, and a business process orientation. 


If you're ready to strengthen your company culture and align your organization's strategy, values, and communication methods, then contact us today!

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